Bachelor Courses
Course CodeCourse Name
5K019Information Theory
5AF14OO 1.1 Rock your baby
5AF44OO 2.2 measurement and control systems
5CC35Signals I
5ESA0Signals I
5CC36Signals II
5CC60Signals III
5CC70Adaptive systems
5JK10Communication theory
5LL80Biomedical sensing technology
8E070Digital signal processing
Master Courses
Course CodeCourse Name
5DD40Multimedia Video Coding and Architectures
5DD50Advanced topics in Multimedia Coding
5LL04Bioelectric physiology
5LL70Fundamentals of Medical image
5MB20Adaptive Information Processing
5ME10Statistical Signal processing
5ME20Ubiquitous computing and activity recognition
5MY00Adaptive Array Signal Processing
5N520Statistical bioformatics
5P340Information Theory 2
5P500Monitoring of respiration and circulation