Graduation / internship project: Analysis of large scale calcium imaging data from freely moving animals

Research interest of your company / institute:
The group “Neuronal Networks of Memory” studies the dynamics of brain areas that are involved in memory processes, and their interactions during active and inactive behaviours (sleep) leading to memory encoding, consolidation and retrieval.
We develop and use the most advanced experimental tools to monitor brain activity in rodents, and apply a vast array of data analytical and theoretical techniques to make sense of these complex data.

Project description:
Calcium imaging provides a way to record very large neural ensembles (>500 neurons) over very long time periods, allowing us to follow a memory trace throughout its life. Analysing these data requires identifying regions of interest associated to individual neurons, and follow them over time.
We will employ and adapt state-of-the-art machine learning and computer vision techniques to make sense of a large data set that we collected from freely moving mice.

Key skills student:
Proficiency in programming in Matlab/python, Basic machine learning. Computer vision knowledge a plus.
Difficulty: medium (internship) medium/hard (thesis project)

Dr. Francesco P. Battaglia
Donders Centre for Neuroscience
Radboud University
Ph: 024-3654233