Graduation / internship project: Real Time Processing of high-volume neural data for brain-computer interfaces

Research interest of your company / institute:
The group “Neuronal Networks of Memory” studies the dynamics of brain areas that are involved in memory processes, and their interactions during active and inactive behaviours (sleep) leading to memory encoding, consolidation and retrieval.
We develop and use the most advanced experimental tools to monitor brain activity in rodents, and apply a vast array of data analytical and theoretical techniques to make sense of these complex data.

Project description:
It has been shown that closed-loop manipulations can be used to “edit” memories, either by suppressing the replay of previously acquired information, therefore impairing memory retention, or by creating artificial associations between representations, hence creating new memories. To scale up this process, we need to record multiple neurons at the same time, decode neural activity in real time and deliver stimulation based on which activity configurations are observed. We are working at a system for this based on the Open-Ephys recording system ( an open source hardware/software system for neurophysiology data acquisition. The system will be capable of closed-loop stimulation with a round trip latency of < 0.5 ms. In this project, we will connect the system with a computational workflow for large-scale, fast data analysis, and we will devise algorithms for “closing the loop” and manipulate memory.

Key skills student:
Proficiency in programming: C/C++ and scripting languages. Knowledge of digital electronics a plus. Knowledge of advanced statistics, numerical analysis. Difficulty: hard, thesis project only.

Dr. Francesco P. Battaglia
Donders Centre for Neuroscience
Radboud University
Ph: 024-3654233