Graduation project: NXP Radar/Communication systems for automotive applications

Your challenge

We are looking for an enthusiastic candidate who is passionate to perform research and development in a joint Radar/Communication systems for automotive applications

Project description

Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communication and automotive radars are expected to play a strategic role in improving driving safety in future intelligent transportation system (ITS). IEEE 802.11p standard for Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC), and the OFDM physical layer, are nowadays globally adopted for V2V communication.  In this master project the student has to understand how using this OFDM signal to also perform radar detection and ranging. The study of the OFDM waveform property plays a crucial role in order to describe the performances of this Radar/Communication hybrid system. Theoretical study, simulations and real experiments using 802.11p transceiver should be conducted during this master project. Furthermore a parallel research line about how to design a proper OFDM waveform for communication and increased radar performances should also be investigated.

Your team

You will be working in the Signal Processing Systems (SPS) Group, TU/e Eindhoven. This project is also in close collaboration with NXP.

Your responsibilities

Together with a team in the SPS and NXP Groups, you will:

  • Increase your theoretical and practical understanding of radar systems and OFDM,
  • Develop numerical tools for applying OFDM waveforms into the radar framework
  • Design advanced OFDM waveforms to better fit the radar requirements for the automotive scenario
  • Evaluate their performance via simulations and real experiments.

We are looking for

To be successful in this project we are looking for a student with the following profile:

  • Working towards a MSc. in Electrical Engineering.
  • Good knowledge in digital communications.
  • Interest in wireless and radar.
  • Interest in automotive.
  • Pro-active and self-motivated with at least 9 months’ availability.
  • Language: Good written and spoken command of English is mandatory.
  • Previous internship experience not necessary.


Required documents:

  • Student registration form (Proof of enrollment at the current education)
  • CV
  • Short cover letter (max 1 page) outlining your motivation and informing your availability

For interested applicants, please contact:

Dr. Francesco Laghezza (

Dr. Semih Serbetli (