Industry Project: Freeband

COBRA has played an important role in the Dutch national research program “Freeband.” The program aimed at creating a leading position for the Netherlands in the area of ambient, intelligent communication networks. With the project “Broadband Photonics Access,” COBRA’s design for a dynamically reconfigurable optical-access network linked to the home has been tested successfully in the field. With a view to the deployment of high-speed networks within homes, offices, hospitals, and so forth, experiments with polymer optical fiber (POF) have been carried out. This fiber is easy to install, and COBRA has shown that connection speeds of several gigabits per second (Gbps) are possible with it. New “radio-over-fiber” technologies have been developed to connect wireless end-users to the network at unmatched data rates.

The goal of the project – to demonstrate a concept for a future-proof optical connection network – was fully reached. The project offers the customer his or her own choice of bandwidth (up to 10 Gbit/s).

Period: 2000-2010
Industry partners: Genexis, LioniX and AimSys