Industry Project: JePPIX

COBRA is coordinating JePPIX, the Joint European Platform for Photonic Integration of InP-based Components and Circuits ( In JePPIX, Europe's key players in the field of Photonic Integration are cooperating in order to set up the technological infrastructure for providing low-cost foundry access to SMEs and larger companies that are interested to apply Photonic ICs in novel or improved products. Partners in JepPIX are Europe's InP PIC manufacturers (Oclaro, Fraunhofer HHI and SMART Photonics – a COBRA spinoff that provides commercial access to the generic integration process which has been developed by COBRA), three Photonic CAD companies (Phoenix Software, Photon Design and Filarete), equipment manufacturers (ASML, Oxford Plasma Technologies and Aixtron), and InP R&D institutes (COBRA, Alcatel-Thales-CEA III-V Lab, Cambridge University, Politecnico di Milano). Recently, JePPIX has started organizing commercial foundry runs at its foundry partners – it has a user group of more than 120 companies, universities and research institutes that have a potential interest in designing Photonic ICs in JePPIX foundry processes. Many of them have already participated in early experimental foundry runs. This case study shows: COBRA has a strong record in cooperation with industry, both with small and larger companies.