11 April 2014

COBRA COLLOQUIUM: Friday April 11, 2014 at 15:00 – 16:00 in the Film Theater of Grand Café and Film house De Zwarte Doos

Speaker: Prof. Peter Andrekson

Title: The internet backbone fiber-optic capacity is hitting fundamental physical barriers – what can be done about it?

Abstract: In this presentation I will discuss the progress of optical fiber communication systems that support our daily use of Internet. While the evolution, in terms of capacity, has been staggering in the past decades we are now getting very close to some basic physical and theoretical barriers. I will also discuss some possibilities to sustain the growth to meet the ever-continuing demand for more and more capacity in the future. In particular, I will address various new optical amplification techniques as well as spatial multiplexing.

Biography: Peter Andrekson received his Ph.D. from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, in 1988. After about three years with AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, N.J., he returned to Chalmers where he is now a full professor at the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience. He was Director of Research at Cenix Inc. in Allentown, PA, USA, during 2000 – 2003 and with the newly established Center for Optical Technologies at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, during 2003 – 2004. His research interests include nearly all aspects of fiber communications such as optical amplifiers, nonlinear pulse propagation, all-optical functionalities, and high spectral efficiency transmission. He was co-founder of the optical test & measurement company Picosolve Inc. Andrekson is a Fellow of the Optical Society of America and of the IEEE. He is the author of about four hundred scientific publications and conference papers in the area of optical communications, including three tutorials at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC) in 2004, 2011 and 2014. He was an elected member of the Board of Governors for the IEEE Photonics Society (2011-2013) and is or has served on several technical program committees, and has also twice served as an expert for the evaluation of the Nobel Prize in Physics. He was an associate editor for IEEE Photonics Technology Letters during 2003-2007. In 1993 he was awarded a price from the Swedish government research committee for outstanding work performed by young scientists, and in 2000 he was awarded the Telenor Nordic research award for his contribution to optical technologies. Currently he holds an ERC Advanced Grant for work on phase-sensitive optical amplifiers.
After the colloquium (around 16:00) we organize a mini-colloquium in which three COBRA researchers, one from each of the three COBRA groups, will give a short presentation about his or her work.

For the Photonics and Semiconductor Nanophysics Group:
Speaker: Sebastian Kolling Title: Three dimensional imaging of the atomic arrangement of nano-structures
For the Electro Optical Communication Group:
Speaker: Qing Wang Title: Distributed Antenna System for Mitigating Shadowing Effect in 60GHz WLAN.
For the Photonic Integration Group:
Speaker: Sylwester Latkowski Title: Photonic integrated laser systems for gas sensing applications

The audience is invited to an informal gathering following the colloquium (around 17:00) in the lounge of Grand Café and Film house De Zwarte Doos.