21 March 2014

COBRA COLLOQUIUM: Friday March 21, 2013 at 15:00 – 16:00 in the Film Theater of Grand Café and Film house De Zwarte Doos

Speaker: Prof. Thomas Krauss

Title: Photonic crystal resonant surfaces

Abstract: Guided mode resonances are a feature of photonic crystals for out-of-plane illumination; they afford similar design features and degrees of freedom as in-plane photonic crystals, but make coupling much easier. Tailoring these resonances to specific functionalities allows us to create large area biosensors, diffractive lenses with high numerical aperture and diffractive surfaces for light trapping in photovoltaics.

Biography: Thomas Krauss is Professor of Photonics at the University of York, UK. The aim of his research is to understand and control the interaction of light and matter on the nanoscale and to build functional devices that benefit from this understanding. His work on fundamental concepts in photonic crystals, including his Nature paper in 1996, was pivotal for transforming photonic crystals from a scientific curiosity to the essential building block in photonics that they are today. His activity spans the study of fundamental concepts such as nonlinearity and enhanced light emission to more applied areas such as nanolasers, optical switches and, more recently, biosensors and solar cells.

After the colloquium (around 16:00) we organize a mini-colloquium in which three COBRA researchers, one from each of the three COBRA groups, will give a short presentation about his or her work.

For the Photonic Integration Group:
Speaker: Domenico D'Agostino   Title: Extending the COBRA generic integration platform
For the Photonics and Semiconductor Nanophysics Group:
Speaker: Davide Grossi               Title: STM: a nano-tool for building the smallest nano-structures
For the Electro Optical Communication Group:
Speaker: Maria Torres Vega        Title: Cognitive Radio-Optical Networks: Hurdles and Opportunities

The audience is invited to an informal gathering following the colloquium (around 17:00) in the lounge of Grand Café and Film house De Zwarte Doos.