Squad projects

Projects are the backbone of the Industrial Design program, clustered in so called ‘squads’. Squads are groups were students, scientific staff, experts from the field, companies and organizations work together in a specific application domain. 

Within these squads, students and researchers all collaborate around a single theme, in order to exchange knowledge and experience, and to stimulate each other’s projects. Students in several stages of their education, work on a single design assignment, briefed by you as a client that encounters these challenges in your own practice. These projects typically run for five months (one semester), but can also be extended over several semesters.

Squads offer a learning environment that is close to professional reality. Students will learn to work in a multidisciplinary team, work together with various stakeholders and with students of various levels (both bachelor and master). This will prepare them to work in a domain that constantly adapts to societal changes. You can check the program project structure to see in what stages of the program our student performs a squad project.