Student: Myrte Thoolen
Coach: Rens Brankaert
Client: Vitalis, Swove & GGZe

This final master project outlines the process applied in developing Sentic, an interactive tangible and modular music and sound platform that is adaptable to the individual with dementia performed through a human-oriented research-through-design approach. 
People with dementia are affected by cognitive and behavioral changes, making it increasingly difficult to control everyday products. Implementation of multi-sensorial product interactions can contribute to people’s self-reliance and self-esteem by adapting to the physical and cognitive abilities that change during the disease process.

Music as an incentive has the ability to affect people positively by recalling memories and personal narratives. Reminiscence integrating individual experiences through a music-based intervention can positively influence cognitive subjective well-being and functioning, whereby a haptic interaction in combination with other senses can intensify these positive outcomes by encouraging active participation in people with dementia. The main objective of Sentic is to give people with dementia a feeling of self-esteem through a customized user interface and accentuating the re-experience of positive memorable moments through personalized music or sounds, as part of the efforts to stimulate longer independence living for a better quality of life.