Student: Laura Power
Coach: Yuan Lu
Client: Lokaal+ at Summa College

SMAAK is a temporary service intervention to rekindle an interest in food among senior citizens. SMAAK stimulates seniors to make and share recipes and introduce new foods into their diet and lifestyle, addressing the growing problem of malnutrition among seniors. The concept involves a social tasting experience, printed personalized recipes for seniors at home and a platform for seniors to share their food creations. SMAAK includes social incentives which try to promote hedonic control of eating, as well as self-reflection/ self-efficacy which tries to re-establish the homeostatic control of eating, for effective long-term behavior change.

During the tasting experience, organizers create a profile for seniors on the platform, SMAAK. Each senior is talked through the platform and asked about their food, dish, cooking style, time and difficulty preferences as well as any allergies or health conditions. The organizer inputs the data into the platform and uploads the information to a SMAAK-card which is then personalized to that senior. This information can be updated or edited at the following tasting experience one month later.  

After the tasting experience, seniors take home their SMAAK-card as well as a compact multi-purpose printer. Seniors swipe their card on the printer at home to receive personalized recipes depending on their preferences and information. If a senior does not swipe their card, a recipe will automatically print as a trigger every few days. Once the senior has made a recipe, they take a photo of their food creation using the printer’s camera. A light will flash green and the photo will automatically print on paper. This information is automatically uploaded to the SMAAK platform and intelligently combines the recipe and photo to generate a senior cookbook. If photos are not being uploaded to the platform, an organizer will call the senior to chat about their progress and provide encouragement and support.