Student: Ivar Kraaijevanger
Coach: Carlijn Valk & Yuan Lu
Clients: ZuidZorg, Philips & Eindhoven University of Technology

Stepwise was a project done in collaboration with the REACH2020 European consortium project. In the first phase of this project, a series of workshops was organized, in four different countries in collaboration with industrial, medical, and research partners as well as senior citizens. These interdisciplinary workshops yielded four personas which represent seniors in different phases of care; home care, hospital care, revitalization care and senior community center. These would be used to design for senior citizens.

In this project, quantitative and qualitative data was collected about the activity of 44 senior participants in order to gain insight into this their daily activity. Co-creation workshops were held regularly in which senior participants collaborated with researchers to create visualizations of the data, which they, the participants found insightful. This research project, examined the relationship between physiological profiles and motivational strategies. Though this research devours are ongoing, this investigation resulted in a set of guidelines for designers and researchers to engage this group of target users.