Student: Chiara Treglia
Coach: Carlijn Valk, & Yuan Lu
Clients: ZuigZorg & Summ College

YouGoIGo is a participative mobility service that suits the needs of every traveler, regardless of their age, physical abilities or access to technology. The service lets anyone become a travel buddy, by matching seniors and regular travelers according to their planned routes. In this way, everybody reaches the destination safely and in comfort. Regular travelers get rewarded and senior travelers the freedom of planning and enjoying their own days out. The service has been designed taking into account the Dutch context: it is based on an App, 9292, that is very popular in The Netherlands to check travel information.

The regular traveler side allows individuals to create their own account and, by using the 9292 service, they can check if there are seniors travelling on their route. They can choose to publish their planned route and hope to be approved as a match by the seniors. Once a match is made, the regular travelers meet with the seniors and accompany them to the set destination. They are supposed to help them with all their necessities, such as managing tickets, navigating stations and stepping in or off trains and busses. A regular traveler gains scores for their service, which can be transformed into discounts. Next to this, they get to travel for free each time they support the seniors, by showing the details of the trip to the conductor on the train or bus.

The seniors’ side of the service has been designed to be handled by ZuidZorg volunteers, but seniors can use it themselves too. Seniors can publish their route on the service and specify how many people are travelling. They can check if some regular travelers are travelling on the same route and check the information on their profiles. On the day of the trip, the senior will be supported in his/her commute by the regular traveler.