IoT Sandbox

Credits: Designed, build and conceptualised by Joep Frens, Bastiaan van Hout and Joep le Blanc
Sponsor: Design United
Special thanks to: Taco Sieben

Sandpit sized living laboratory

The IoT Sandbox is a scale model of a smart home that is used as a research demonstrator, exploring a more physical interaction style for connected and smart products that live within the Internet of Things. The physical interface comprises a tray and a series of tiles. It comes standard with blank tiles that can be replaced with interface tiles when new connected objects are installed in the house. At present tiles for Light, Distributed audio, TV and automated blinds as well as a series of presets are installed.

Perhaps even more interesting than controlling the individual smart objects in the home is the idea that their functionalities can be combined to form new, emergent functionality. A basic version of this idea is implemented here by means of programmable presets, which are projected in empty tiles. Custom designed tiles that embed the new functionality replace these empty tiles. 

Our physical interface can grow together with the smart home that it controls showing that also physical interfaces can adequately respond to the dynamics of the smart home.