Persuasive Gaming

From theory-based design to validation and back

The “Persuasive Gaming in Context” project (2013-2018) is a collaboration between the Utrecht University, Eindhoven University of Technology, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam, IJsfontein, Submarine, and funded by the The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The research in this project is concerned with the characteristics, design principles, and effectiveness of Persuasive Games.

Persuasive Games are interactive entertainment designed to shape how the player thinks and feels about issues in reality, or simply games designed with the intent to shape player’s attitudes. Theoretically, we develop the innovative approach of a constant and intense interaction between what is drawn from theory with the actual design of game experiences. By following a Research through Design approach we generate knowledge through the design of exemplar persuasive games.

Driven by industry we currently focus on the opportunities of immersive multi-sensory experiences to support the transfer of persuasive messages in games, and subsequently question what design strategies are successful for the persuasive game design process.


Joost Raessens and Teresa de la Hera (Utrecht University), Jeroen Jansz and Ruud Jacobs (Erasmus University Rotterdam),  IJsfontein and Submarine


The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research

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