OV cards help elderly in public transport

Students of Industrial Design developed a quartet game that helps elderly in public transport. Friday April 11th they presented their ‘Learning Cards’ to a variety of stakeholders.

Help elderly adopt to new technological products
How to lower the threshold for elderly to adopt new technological products and services?. That’s the question Master students of Industrial Design worked on in a design case during the module ‘Activating Your Innovation Radar’ provided by dr. Lu Yuan and Prof. Ad van Berlo from Business Process Design group.

Through challenges brought by the aging society, new technologies are developed to help elderly to live longer and more independently at home. ID students Alice van Beukering, Victor Donker, Marlou van der Lee, Rico Sabel and Marije Willemsen designed a quartet game: the SED Learning Cards. SED stands for Social Elderly Designers.

The first version of the game gradually introduces the meaning and functionalities of an e-care system. Elderly, guided by informal care students of SUMMA college, play the game and learn step-by-step to use the e-care system. Click here for more information about this version of the SED Learning Cards.  

SED learning cards for OV chip card
As a follow up, students Alice, Victor and Marije, coached by dr. Lu Yuan, developed a special version of the SED learning cards. This game was designed especially for the OV chip card, a payment card for the public transport. Their aim? To lower the threshold for elderly to use the public transport and the OV chip card. First they engaged in an active discussion with the elderly, to explore the meaning of public transport in their daily lives. Subsequently they focused on the constraints in using public transport and translated these into a learning cards. Put together they form a quartet game that addresses the problems on a practical level.

A variety of stakeholders such as Hermes, Gemeente Eindhoven, Zuidzorg and Vrienden van de Thuiszorg, showed their interest in the project and attended the presentation of the OV chip card edition of the SED Learning Cards. They agreed to jointly develop and evaluate this concept in the field. 

This project is part of the ‘CRISP Grey but Mobile project’ and ‘Mantelzorg en Techniek in de wijk’ where dr. Lu Yuan is the project leader and participant from the Eindhoven University of Technology.