Best Paper Award at the Persuasive2015 conference

Shengnan Lu, Jaap Ham, and Cees Midden won the Best Paper Award at the Persuasive2015 conference!  Persuasive2015 is the leading conference on Persuasive Technology, and took place in Chicago, Illinois, June 4-5, 2015. Earlierly, (with Jaap Ham and Cees Midden as co-authors) Human-Technology Interaction (HTI) PhD-students Maaike Roubroeks (2009), Frank Verberne (2013), and Peter Ruijten(2014) also won this award.

Lu, S., Ham., J., & Midden, C. (2015). Persuasive technology based on bodily comfort experiences: The effect of color temperature of room lighting on user motivation to change room temperature. Paper presented for Persuasive 2015 conference, Chicago, IL.