Prof. Dr. Armin Kohlrausch receives Helmholtz medal

Armin Kohlrausch, professor for auditory and multisensory perception in the HTI group of the department IE&IS, and until the end of 2016 Research Fellow at the Philips Research laboratory in Eindhoven, received the highest award of the German Acoustical Society (DEGA), the Helmholtz medal. This medal is named after Hermann von Helmholtz, one of the great physicists, physiologists and acousticians in the 19th century, and is awarded once per year to a person with outstanding achievements in acoustics. With this award the DEGA honours Armin’s “exceptional contributions to binaural psychoacoustics, auditory modeling, and multisensory perception”. The medal ceremony took place during the opening of the annual DAGA conference, which was held this year at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität in Kiel in northern Germany. The photo shows to the left the president of the DEGA, Prof. Michael Vorländer (RWTH Aachen), and to the right the laudator Prof. Torsten Dau (DTU, Lyngby, Denmark), a former student and close friend of Armin. In his laudatio, Prof. Dau described three phases in Armin’s career. The creative phase, including Armin’s PhD thesis and the initial work as Assistent (UD equivalent) at the Third Physical Institute in Göttingen; the productive phase starting in 1991 after Armin’s move to the Institute for Perception Resarch, during which Torsten himself was a regular visitor to Eindhoven while working on his own PhD, and in which the foundation was laid for a new approach to psychoacoustic modeling; and finally the phase at the Philips Research laboratory, to which Armin moved in 1999 after the end of the IPO as an independent research institute, and where he managed, with an excellent team built around former PhD students, to transfer his perception knowledge to industrial applications.More images from the conference and the opening ceremony can be found on the following page by looking at “Foto’s vom DAGA Dienstag”.