The Human-Technology Interaction (HTI) group at Eindhoven University of Technology is primarily concerned with psychological research regarding people's interaction with technology. It is interdisciplinary in its scope and focuses primarily on human-technology interaction with systems and services involving ICT, the built environment, persuasive technology, digital media and sustainability-relevant technology. Its mission is to perform fundamental research on human-technology interaction. The focus of the program is on:

Research for human-centered design for digital media, ICT and product interfaces including:

  • Research to evaluate and improve technology (such as computer interfaces) for human usage. 
  • Research to develop and improve virtual and augmented environments for novel forms of interaction, instruction, and entertainment.

Research for sustainable behaviour and social acceptance of innovative sustainability-relevant technology including: 

  • Research to facilitate the implementation and promotion of the use of novel technology (i.e., innovation). 
  • Research to evaluate the consequences of novel technology for humans and their everyday performances. Research on persuasive and smart affective technology

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