A healthy view on light: fighting stress, mental fatigue and ego depletion

This research project, part of the Sound Lighting theme, focuses on beneficial effects of (natural) light for human functioning and wellbeing. It builds on earlier research reporting beneficial effects of windows and sunlight on mental wellbeing (stress relief, decreased depression),  and research reporting activating and alertness inducing effects of artificial lighting. We investigate such effects and the underlying mechanisms, on the one hand by studying the independent contribution of (natural) light, weather and a view to the outside, on the other hand by studying the independent contribution of characteristics of artificial lighting (e.g., illuminance, colour temperature) on human functioning. The project entails experimental research, aiming to measure effects of light on vitality, stress, alertness and performance and to investigate personal preferences as a function of time of day and mental status. In addition, it encompasses surveys, field studies, and experience sampling methodologies to capture light’s relevance in real life.

Project partners: Intelligent Lighting Institute

Funding: internal