Marie Curie ITN: Basic Acoustics Training – & Workprogram On Methodologies for Acoustics – Network (BATWOMAN)

Acoustics is a multi- and interdisciplinary science that has gained high importance in the  industry, where noise and vibration performance is a major design criterion. One of the motivations for this is that the decision to buy a certain “product” is known to depend on how sound is perceived and subconsciously interpreted. In other words, subjective product quality is strongly related to the quality of the corresponding sound. A new focus on sound quality requires a deeper understanding of the psychoacoustical parameters of sound perception. This is valid for consumer products, all kinds of vehicles and exceptionally true for concert halls and musical instruments. Therefore the BATWOMAN ITN contains partners specialised in three specific application fields of acoustics: Automotive sector, room acoustics and musical instrument acoustics. BATWOMAN offers a complementary acoustic training and exploits existing synergies. Our university (HTI group) and Philips (Brain, Body and Behaviour group) play a special role in linking those three application fields by focusing on perceptual aspects: psychoacoustic modelling and the design of listening experiments.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement Nr. 605867. For more information see the following website: