Mutual love with robots? Lily Frank interviewed in Vox

P&E Assistant Professor Lily Frank recently spoke with Vox Media about her article with P&E Assistant Professor Sven Nyholm about sex and love robots.


From the interview:

"Is mutual love with a robot possible? And if it is possible, would it make relationships between human beings less desirable?

Those are the questions examined by Lily Eva Frank, a philosophy professor at the Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands who wrote an essay with Sven Nyholm for the new book Robot Sex. ...

We already have sex robots, but the technology is still limited. Eventually, the machines will become sufficiently lifelike that the line between person and robot will be blurred.

I reached out to Frank to ask what happens then: Will we start to fall in love with our machines? And will we have to rethink what love actually means in human life?"