Simon Stevin Series

Editors: Peter Kroes and Anthonie Meijers

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Simon Stevin Series in the Philosophy of Technology

Volume 13: Poznic, M., "Models in Science and Engineering: Imagining, Designing and Evaluating Representations", 2017

Volume 12: Mendritzki, S., "The divergent evolution of evolutionary economics : essays on modelling virtues in evolutionary economics", 2016

Volume 11: Del Frate, L., "Failure: Analysis of an engineering concept", 2014

Volume 10: van Holland, M., "Extended cognition and the mark of the cognitive", 2013

Volume 9: Pols, A.J.K., "Acting with Artefacts", 2011

Volume 8: Van Eck, D., "Functional Decomposition: on Rationality and Incommensurability in Engineering", 2011

Volume 7: Romano, G., "Thoughtful Things: An Investigation in the Descriptive Epistemology of Artifacts", 2009

Volume 6: Vaesen, K., "A Philosophical Essay on Artifacts and Norms", 2008

Volume 5: Van Amerongen, M., The Interpretation of Artifacts; A Critique of Dennett’s Design Stance", 2008

Volume 4: De Ridder, J., "Reconstructing Design, Explaining Artifacts", 2006

Volume 3: Wiegel, V., "SophoLab, Experimental Computational Philosophy", 2006

Volume 2: Van Gorp, A., "Ethical Issues in Engineering Design, Safety and Sustainability", 2005

Volume 1: Scheele, M., "The Proper Use of Artefacts: A philosophical theory of the social constitution of artefact functions", 2005

Simon Stevin Series in the Ethics of Technology

Volume 15: Smids, J., "Persuasive Technology, Allocation of Control, and Mobility. An Ethical Analysis", 2018

Volume 14: Bergen, J., "Reflections on the Reversibility of Nuclear Energy Technologies", 2017

Volume 13: Spruit, S., "Managing the uncertain risks of nanoparticles. Aligning responsibility and relationships", 2017

Volume 12: Robaey, Z.H., "Seeding Moral Responsibility in Ownership. How to Deal with Uncertain Risks of GMOs", 2016

Volume 11: Bakx, G.C.H., "Safety in large-scale socio-technological systems: insights gained from a series of military systems studies", 2016

Volume 10: Sattarov, F.F., "Technology and Power in a Globalising World: A Political Philosophical Analysis", 2015

Volume 9: van Burken, C., "Moral Decision Making in Network Enabled Operations", 2014

Volume 8: Oosterlaken, I., "Taking a Capability Approach to Technology and Its Design: A Philosophical Exploration", 2013

Volume 7: Neelke, D., "Moral Responsibility in R&D Networks", 2011

Volume 6: Schuurbiers, D., "Social Responsibility in Research Practice", 2010

Volume 5: Taebi, B., "Nuclear Power and Justice between Generations", 2010

Volume 4: Manders-Huits, N., "Designing for Moral Identity in Information Technology", 2010

Volume 3: Valkenburg, G., "Politics by all means", 2009

Volume 2: Derksen, M.-H., "Engineering Flesh", 2008

Volume 1: Asveld, L., "Respect for Autonomy and Technological Risks", 2008

Research documents

Kroes, P. and Meijers, A. (eds.), "Philosophy of Technical Artefacts", 2005