Agenda vanaf 2 oktober 2019

( Agenda vanaf 2 oktober 2019 tot 17 december 2019 )
  1. Promotie ir. E.E.L. Maassen

    Promotie ir. E.E.L. Maassen

    16:00 | 17:30

    Dynamic covalent chemistry for UV curable networks

  2. Promotie E.A. Uslamin MSc

    Promotie E.A. Uslamin MSc

    16:00 | 17:30

    Zeolite-based catalysis for sustainable aromatics production

  3. Promotie ir. G. Heintges

    Promotie ir. G. Heintges

    13:30 | 15:30

    Influencing the photovoltaic properties and aggregation of diketopyrrolopyrrole based polymers via structural modification

  4. Promotie ir. J.J. Wiesfeld

    Promotie ir. J.J. Wiesfeld

    16:00 | 17:30

    Earth-abundant Heterogeneous Catalysts for the Conversion of Biomass into Value-added Chemical Intermediates

  5. PDEng Graduation Ceremony Product and Process Design0

    PDEng Graduation Ceremony Product and Process Design0

    15:00 | 17:00

  6. Intreerede I.K. Voets

    Intreerede I.K. Voets

    16:00 | 18:00

  7. Uitreiking Propedeusecertificaat ST

    Uitreiking Propedeusecertificaat ST

    16:00 | 18:00

    Uitreiking Propedeusecertificaat faculteit Scheikundige Technologie

  8. Promotie X. Wei MSc

    Promotie X. Wei MSc

    11:00 | 12:30

    Photocatalytic Difluoromethylation and Light-Induced Iron Cross-Coupling in Flow

  9. Workshop on Luminescent Solar Concentrator Photovoltaics (LSC PV)

    Workshop on Luminescent Solar Concentrator Photovoltaics (LSC PV)

    09:00 | 17:30

    This workshop seeks to bring together the world’s experts in LSC PV research and development for a focused conversation on the performance enhancement of this intriguing device. Through a series of lectures ranging from fundamental science to device design and from applications to industrial opportunities, we hope to enliven the debate, foster new collaborations and tackle barriers that should be lowered or eliminated to create commercially available LSC PV applications with a good performance.

  10. Diploma-uitreiking master ST 17-12-2019

    Diploma-uitreiking master ST 17-12-2019

    16:00 | 17:30

    Diploma-uitreiking masteropleiding faculteit Scheikundige Technologie