Lab Facilities and Equipment

In green: sharing in terms of scientific collaboration possible

Surface Analysis

  • XPS for standard analysis ESCA (Thermo K-Alpha)

    • glovebox transfer under inert gas possible

  • XPS with high pressure, high temperature reactor (Kratos Axis Ultra)

  • Near-ambient pressure XPS and UPS system (SPECS)

    • Including surface science preparation of single crystals

    • electrochemical chamber

  • Reflection-Absorption FTIR system for vibrational spectroscopy on single crystal substrates under ultra-high vacuum conditions

Optical and Vibrational Spectroscopy

  • Bruker Vertex 70v FTIR spectrometer with in-situ transmission cell for catalyst powder pellets and automatic gas dosing system

  • Combined laser-triggered time-resolved UV/vis and FTIR spectrometer system with a range of spectroscopic cells (in-situ DRIFTS, transmission, He closed-cycle refrigerator cooled cold head cells)

  • UV-Raman spectrometer with 244, 325, 488, 633 nm CW laser excitation, with in-situ/operando reactor cells

  • ATR-FTIR spectrometer in glovebox

  • standard UV/vis spectrometer

Catalyst and materials characterization

  • ICP-OES system for inorganic trace analysis

  • thermogravimetry TGA-MS

  • Bruker Phaser D2 powder XRD

  • Ar physisorption

  • chemisorption

  • solid state NMR systems with 200 and 500 MHz magnets and a broad selection of probe heads

Electro- and photoelectrochemistry

  • potentiostats with rotating disc and rotating ring disc accessories

  • 2 photoelectrochemistry workstations (1 with GC analysis of products)

  • photocatalytic slurry reactor with GC analysis of products

    on-line electrochemical mass spectrometry system