Responsive Soft Matter --- Wouter G. Ellenbroek

Responsive Soft Matter

Many soft materials are extremely sensitive. Their properties depend crucially, sometimes critically, on small changes in circumstances, which makes them very responsive to both mechanical and chemical external factors.

Topics currently under investigation include

  • Mechanics of network materials near rigidity transitions
  • Bio-inspired smart materials
  • Ion-mediated interactions in soft materials
  • Assembly of isotropic (round) particles into non-compact clusters

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PRL Cover!

Our recent work on rigidity loss in different types of networks made the cover of Physical Review Letters. Spring networks corresponding to jammed packings are even more special than we already thought.

New member!

April 2014: Mathijs Vermeulen just started his Ph.D. project in our group. He will study the rigidity and mechanics of composite fiber networks, as part of the FOM-programme on marginal materials led by my colleague Kees Storm.

Group Members


Wouter G. Ellenbroek
Assistant Professor

Mathijs Vermeulen
Ph.D. Student


I currently have no more openings for Ph.D.- students or postdocs.

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