Tim Staps

Hi! My name is Tim Staps and I'm following the Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion master. Currently, I have been living in Eindhoven for almost 2 years now and started studying 4 years ago. As for the bachelor program, I graduated in Mechanical Engineering, with a minor applied to Automotive Technology. I have always quite broadly interested in diverse topics of technology and science, and therefore I chose to apply this interest in my master studies. In Nuclear Fusion, many different areas of technology and science need to work together to finally achieve the main goal of contributing to the world's energy resources.

After three years of my bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and doing my bachelor end thesis in collaboration with a student team (URE) and a company, altogether under supervision of my thesis professor, I decided to gain one year of work experience. In this year I mentioned the fact, that nowadays a lot of different aspects of technology already meet each other and that I was definitely interested in gaining more insight in electrical engineering and physics. Therefore, when I heard about the Nuclear Fusion master, I felt that this was the right choice for me.

At current date, me and a few group members are researching another type of fusion reactor than the tokamak (ITER) concept. The research is performed for a course, which is an elective, about alternative routes to fusion power. Next to your own research, each group member presents after two weeks of investigation, the current status and findings to other groups and supervisors and receives some serious feedback! In this manner, not only your knowledge about technology and science is expanded, but you gain compentences to become a scientist of decent level as well.