Transport in Permeable Media (TPM)

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 Jef Noijen, Bart Ehrich,  front, l to r, 
Tamerlan Saidov, Jeroen Borgharts, Stephan Jaspers, Nico Reuvers, Faiyaz,  Haijin Zhu, Mirjam Bekkers,
Olaf Adan

Welcome to the home page of the group Transport in Permeable Media of the Department of Applied Physics at the Eindhoven University of Technology. In our group we study the transport of moisture and ions in a variety of permeable materials, ranging from porous building materials of macroscopic dimensions, like brick and concrete, to thin polymer coatings. Our goal is to improve the performance of these materials by identifying the key parameters that govern the transport and damage mechanisms. This is achieved by using a variety of experimental techniques, of which NMR imaging is the most important. The research is performed in close cooperation with various industrial partners and TNO.

Latest Publications

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