Shock absorber rig

From 1982 to 2002 the Polymer Technology section of Mechanical Engineering used the setup for tensile tests. Since 2002 the hydraulic rig is not used anymore. The dismantlement of the hydraulics lab almost caused the test rig to be disposed. Fortunately, it is saved from the scrapheap because it possibly could be used for testing shock absorbers, therefore the test rig is moved to the AES laboratory.

During this project the tensile test rig is converted to a shock absorber test rig. The shock absorber test rig can be used  to do dynamic tests on (semi-active) suspension components. A shock absorber can be vertically clamped in the test rig. The bottom of the shock absorber is attached to a movable cylinder, which exerts a force on the damper, causing the latter to compress/extend.  The damper displacement can be prescribed and the damper force can be measured.