Controller and Protocol Co-design in Networked Control Systems (NCS)

In this research project, we tackle the problem of simultaneously designing a policy for scheduling decisions and a policy for control inputs so as to optimize a quadratic objective for Networked Control Systems (NCS).

PhD Candidate:
Behnam Asadi Khashooei MSc
Supervisor:dr. Duarte Antunes
Promotor: Maurice Heemels
Project Financing: NWO/STW  VICI  Grant  “Wireless  control  systems:    A  new  frontier  in
Project Period: April 2013 - April 2017

Recent advances in communication and microprocessor technologies enabled several control applications in which sensors, controllers and actuators of a plant are connected via a shared communication network. Applications of NCSs include building energy management systems, remote surgery, intelligent transportation systems, control of large-scale plants such as energy and water distribution networks, and so on. In some of these applications, the communication constraints impose that only one user (a sensor or a controller node) can transmit at a given time, which implies that the transmissions must be scheduled by a network protocol.

In this project, we consider an NCS in which a plant is connected to a remote controller via a shared network. In such a setting, we tackle the co-design problem consisting of simultaneously designing the feedback control law and the scheduling sequence of controller and sensors transmissions to optimize a quadratic objective.