Hybrid solutions for cost-aware high-performance motion control

To facilitate this linear control strategies, the hardware should be linear, which comes at the cost of expensive hardware. Hybrid solutions are sought to enable cheaper hardware. Additionally, hybrid solutions can be used to improve performance compared to linear control.

PhD Candidate: ir. Annemiek van der Maas
Supervisor: prof. dr. ir. Maurice Heemels
Promotorprof. dr. ir. Maurice Heemels & prof. dr. ir. Nathan van de Wouw
Project Financing: STW project 13896. CHAMeleon: “Hybrid solutions for cost-aware high-performance motion control”
Project Period: December 2015 – December 2019

In practice, most control strategies are linear, under the assumption that the system behaves linear. The assumption of linearity implies that the system should have only a limited amount of friction and other nonlinear effects included, which comes at the cost of expensive hardware. To allow for cheaper systems, different control strategies are required. An example of such controllers are hybrid controllers, which will be the main focus of this research. 

Besides enabling cheaper hardware, hybrid control solutions can be used to increase the performance of a motion system compared to linear controllers. An example of such a hybrid controller is the (Filtered) Split-Path Nonlinear Integrator ((F-)SPANI), in which transient performance can be improved by 30% compared to linear control. The advantage of the SPANI is that it is based on intuitive linear controller designing, facilitating a low-level implementation. 

Throughout the project, hybrid control solutions will be the main focus. The project is in collaboration with 2 other PhD students and 8 companies within the Eindhoven region, enabling the experimental validations for the proposed solutions.