Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering aims to develop quantitative methods for the analysis, design and implementation of (embedded) mechanical engineering systems exhibiting concurrent behavior, with particular focus on the manufacturing high tech industry. The objectives are to generate theory, to develop techniques, to build computational tools, and to apply these in selected cases from industry. The research program of the Systems Engineering group is built on the triangle of Research, Engineering and Utilization (see figure). The basis is mechanical engineering science, in which we use formal methods from computer science and methods from mathematics. Model-based engineering design methods and tools are developed on this scientific basis. These model-based engineering methods and tools are validated in selected industrial applications. This is an important source of inspiration for the further development of research and educational activities.

People active in this area: Prof.dr. W.J. Fokkink (until April 1st, 2016), J.E. Rooda (em), L.F.P. Etman, M.A. Reniers, D.A. van Beek, J.M. van de Mortel-Fronczak

Student Information

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The Systems Engineering Archive

As of January 1st 2015 the Systems Engineering Group has become a part of the Control Systems Technology Group. Because people still want to be able to access the results of previous research we have setup the Systems Engineering Archive that contains most of the reports and dissertations that were written over the years. All the files are in pdf format, so they can be easily downloaded.

New reports (issued after January 1st, 2015) will be incorporated in the CST archive.