reports 2016

Internship reports

UAV Pose Estimation using Sensor Fusion of SONAR and Inertial Sensors - B.J. Caasenbrood - DC 2016.028

Implementing a Simulink controller in an AR.Drone 2.0 - N.L.M. Jeurgens - DC 2016.005

State estimation of a semi-active suspension using acceleration sensors - M.H.M. Merks - DC 2016.013

Researching the influences of product transfer on lead times using analytic methods - P.M. Schreuder - DC 2016.02

Building a material model of a rubber weatherstrip - W.J.A. Thijssen - DC 2016.014

Road Positioning and Lane Identification for Autonomous Vehicles - S.A.M. Peters - DC 2016.079

Verification of the Operation of the Kistler RoaDyn S625 Measurement Rims - C.J.J. Beckers - DC 2016.078

Active Damping of Machine Tool Structures: Identification of the rotary drive of a five axis CNC machine - C.C.J.M. Boon - DC 2016.074

Nonlinear control of a hover system - R.J.G. Damen - DC 2016.014

Component Feeding on a Vibrating Platform - J.E.H.P. Franssen - DC 2016.059

The Butterfly-robot: theoretical behaviour of small perturbations and their effect on stability - J.L. Knol - DC 2016.041  

Numerical feasibility study into vibration energy harvesters - R. Lensvelt - DC 2016.062

Calibration Free Upper Limb Joint Motion Estimation Algorithm with Wearable Sensors -  M.M.G. van Lith - DC 2016.034

Design and control of a three-axis gimbal - S.H.M. van Nispen - DC 2016.036

Volvo Car Corporation: Drive Me Gothenburg - J.E.M. Verdult - DC 2016.043

Plate vibration for powder deposition - M.E. van 't Klooster - DC 2016.049

Real-time camera based lane detection for autonomous driving - J.J.A. Spanjaards - DC 2016.082

Straight line path following for formations of under-actuated marine surface vessels - K. Goris - DC 2016.092

2D pick & place using top and flying vision - H.J.K. de Kleuver - DC 2016.080

New hardware setup implementation for a platooning demonstration with model trucks - S.W. Kregting - DC 2016.071

Simulation and evaluation of logistic systems - J.J.M.J.P. Meens - DC 2016.086

Robust visual-based detection under changing illuminations - B.A.C. van de Schoot - DC 2016.085

Computing the orientation of an IMU sensor Comparing the EFK and the SO(3) filter - A. Brandsma - DC 2016.094



Master's thesis

On task specification and inverse kinematics for a redundant surgical robot for bone removal - T.A. Arslan - DC 2016.004

Dynamic behavior of thrust air bearings - R.H.M. Franssen - D&C 2016.011

Experimental validation of stick-slip mitigation strategies on a drill-string setup - M.J.M. van Helmond - DC 2016.009 ( for PDF version ask Secretary of DC)

Modeling and analysis of dynamical behavior of piezoelectric transducer in fluid - P.J.M. Rompen - DC 2016.024

Comparison of Control Architectures for Autonomous Mobile Robots - P.B. Verhoeckx - DC 2016.006 

Hybrid trajectory tracking for impact motions of humanoid robots - E.B.C. de Mooij - DC 2016.035

Physical modelling and validation of a mono-tube hydraulic shock absorber - J. de Blok - DC 2016.053

Micro Device Fab system modeling - M.A.M.W. Borm - DC 2016.039

Cooperative platoon maneuvering using Artificial Potential Fields - K. Elferink - DC 2016.084

Vehicle State Estimation Using the State Dependent Riccati Equation Technique - R.B.A. van Hoek - DC 2016.047

Biped side stepping - R. Kooijman - DC 2016.077

Model Uncertainty in the indirect measurement of contact forces for a robotic manipulator - F.J.M. van Kuijk - DC 2016.089

Discrete-time simulation and optimization of multi-echelon distribution systems - S. Riezebos - DC 2016.061

Modelling and validation of a hybrid damper in a new non-linear shock and vibration isolation system - J.C.A. Tax - DC 2016.031

Stabilizing State-Dependent Control of Switched Linear Hybrid Systems - M.F.M. Theunissen - DC 2016.044

Robotic Assembly of Weatherstrips - B.M. Bastings - DC 2016.017