These are the slides of some of the presentations given in our MMaC meetings.

03/14 NME / MEFD Minisymposium
PDF   3-minute presentations

03/29 Gertjan van Zwieten
PDF   Toward a high-level finite element toolkit: First view and status 

04/05 Pieter Barendrecht
PDF   An introduction to subdivision surfaces: Subdivision schemes and the limit surface

04/05 Thomas Boschman
PDF   An object-oriented implementation of T-splines: Data structures and B├ęzier extraction

05/10 Harald van Brummelen
PDF   Multigrid (Part I): Basics of multigrid methods

06/21 Gertjan van Zwieten
PDF   Modelling Rayleigh breakup using the BEM 

06/21 Harald van Brummelen
PDF   Multigrid (Part II): Miscellaneous aspects

06/28 Amin Ahmadi Joneidi
PPTX   Finding curvatures: Methods, problems and solutions