Apart from all transfer of knowledge in the regular contacts with industry, with colleagues on the different conferences, with the scientific and engineering community via the large number of publications and numerous conference contributions, and the transfer of IP via patents to industry (Tetrapak, Philips, Omlidon) we strongly support spin-off companies like IME Technologies (that develops and sells the Pirouette PVT-Tdot-Gdot apparatus developed in our group and the electro-spin cabinet), Optimal Forming Solutions (flexible mold technology for vacuum forming), PTG, Polymer Technology Group (polymer processing), and QTIS/e, now Xeltis/e (IP of our disposable bioreactor). In strong cooperation with ETH-Zurich, we try to initiate a start-up in order to exploit the High Performance tape-making process, developed during two successive sabbatical leaves.  The large number of invitations that dr. Leon Govaert received to explain mechanical performance directly to industry, demonstrates that his work over the last 20 years to not only understand mechanical performance but also predict long-term properties of polymers, now gradually starts to be incorporated in real practice. Good for him, good for the industry and thus the society.