Advective-diffusive scalar transport phenomena in periodic flow

In the proposed project we specifically seek to address advective-diffusive scalar transport phenomena in periodic flows, where the scalar represents either temperature or concentration. Fundamental objectives are: a) inclusion of the molecular diffusion in the mixing simulation; b) determination of the connection between the scalar transport properties and the eigenmodes (eigenvalues/eigenvectors) of the resulting mapping matrices, which are discrete approximation to the corresponding quantities associated with continuous advection-diffusion operator. Fundamental insight into this connection provides a means for an efficient determination of both qualitative and quantitative transport properties for a wide range of advective-diffusive mixing flows by spectral analysis of the corresponding mapping matrix and thus has great potential for practical use. Its investigation expands on the theoretical-numerical approach according to Singh, Speetjens, and Anderson and will concentrate on case studies representative of realistic  mixing devices.

Advective-diffusive mixing in Partitioned-Pipe Mixer

Advective-diffusive mixing driven by a chaotic flow in the presence of diffusion inside 3D open-flow PPM by means of the mapping method is investigated.

Advective-diffusive mixing in Microchannels

Advective-diffusive transport in Staggered Herringbone Micromixer(SHM) is studied by means of the diffusive mapping method.