In situ x-ray measurements

The main goal of the project is to provide experimental data for the time resolved formation and evolution of crystalline structures and morphologies in semi-crystalline polyolefins, subjected to conditions comparable to real life processing (high cooling rates, elevated pressure, shear and elongational flow) by using synchrotron radiation and the state of art experimental devices.

The correlation between rheology and crystallization behavior, validated with in-situ X-rays experiments, will permit to predict the final crystalline morphology and structure of polymer melts subjected to shear, elongational flow and pressure by mean of rheology or dilatometry experiments which can be performed in a normal lab. Experiments on pilot-unit processing units (film blowing) will also be performed. 

The data collected will provide the basis for a better insight into polymer crystallization in real processing conditions and they will furnish data as input for old and new models developed in our group.

Research type: experimental