Exchange Programs

International exchange students are welcome in the Master's Program Mechanical Engineering.

Exchange Program Mechanical Engineering

Students are given the opportunity to obtain 30 credit points in one semester. There are two possibilities to gain the 30 credit points:

  • one project of 30 credit points
  • one project of 15 credit points and three elective courses in Mechanical Engineering with a total of 15 credit points

Elective Courses

We strongly advise you to discuss your elective courses with your research supervisor. Sometimes you need to take particular courses to enable you to do the assigned research.  Please pay attention to the fact that for some courses you will need prior knowledge. Look at the course description to see if you have sufficient prior knowledge. You can always send an e-mail to the lecturer if you are not sure if your prior knowledge is sufficient. Ask him or her to send a cc of the answer to the international office ( For several courses you will need a notebook for the lectures and the exams. If applicable, this is mentioned in the course description.

Exchange Project

A project with one of the Mechanical Engineering research groups is only possible in case of an existing cooperation with your home university. Projects have to be agreed / approved by the academic contact person of the involved research group. Note that in the unfortunate case that no research group is able to offer you a suitable project, nothing can be done at the department level; the department cannot force a research group to accept a particular student.

Exchange Requirements

The general requirements for admission are:

  • Exchange students should have a related bachelor diploma in Mechanical Engineering (or equivalent)
  • Proof of sufficient mastery of English is needed:
  • Applications will only be considered after receiving all required documents!

Application for Exchange Program

You have to download and fill in the Enrollment Form for Exchange Students. Carefully read the additional information regarding the application and the additional documents you have add to the application.

Please note the application deadlines:

  • Applications for 1st semester must be received before June 1st
  • Applications for 2nd semester must be received before November 1st

Send the form and the additional documents to

What to do upon arrival?

  • Inform the International Office of Mechanical Engineering of your arrival and please visit Gemini-Z Room 1.126. Opening hours Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 13.00 hrs. and 16.00 hrs. 
    • Visit the Education and Student Service Center. On the first floor of MetaForum of the TU/e campus (MF 1.214), you will find the Education and Student Service Center / International Office. At the service desk you can collect your student card (you need to upload a photo after your arrival) and a letter with your identity number and personal code and a proof of registration at TU/e.
  • When you are going to follow courses, we advise you to arrive a few days before the start of the lectures in order to be able to collect the key of your accommodation, settle down and buy your books. The study association Simon Stevin acts on behalf of the students of Mechanical Engineering. Simon Stevin does this for instance by selling books.

Also take a look at this usefull list with things to do upon arrival in Eindhoven.

We wish you a very nice and fruitful stay in Eindhoven.