Student Testimonials

Marthin Sveier from Trondheim, Norway

“The profile of the program is very different from what I’m used to. Many of the more specialized courses I attend would not be possible to take back home. My research project is on compact heat storage, this is an interesting field in how e.g. solar energy can be used in seasonal storage. This is my first experience with a project on this scale. Even though the project itself is rather specialized, most of the knowledge is transferable to other parts in mechanical engineering. I have two supervisors guiding me and an office shared with two other students. I consider the total experience as very valuable. Studying at the TU/e will be a great experience with a lot of new friends, new experiences and possibility to discover Europe!”

Giorgio Pagoria from Milan, Italy

“The exchange program does suit me. Since the first day of my arrival, I have been working in the lab of the System Engineering group. In the lab there are close to fifteen students working on their final project. I learned a lot of things, not only academically, but also about Dutch culture. I also grabbed the opportunity to spread my own country’s culture as well. The project itself is amazing.

TU/e also has many opportunities for one to play sports. The university sports center offers almost unlimited possibilities to play sports. Personally, I love playing golf. I could improve my technique while saving a lot of money.  I would recommend speaking to as many Dutch students as possible. Being a part of the day to day Dutch student life is a wonderful feeling, You shouldn’t just be a simple tourist but feel at home, a second home.”