PhD Council

PhD Council Mathematics and Computer Science

The PhD students make up the largest community in the faculty. As a PhD Council we represent the community in the decision making process. The council has quarterly meetings with the dean of the graduate school of our department. These meetings provide the opportunity to give feedback to the management and to request new changes. Furthermore, we believe that all PhD students can benefit from being in touch with each other, alumni and students therefore we encourage and facilitate this through social events.

How to join

Currently, each research group is represented by at least one council member, however, If you would like to join the council for organizing events and representing the PhD students towards faculty management, do not hesitate to write an e-mail to or contact one of our members.


If you have ideas / suggestions / issues that you’d like the PhD council to address please send an e-mail to

Members of the PhD Council

A&VThom CastermansCommunications
CASARien de Böck
DMChristine van Vredendaal

Lorenz Panny
ISEduardo Gonzalez Lopez de Murillas
MDSEMiguel Botto
SENSStefan ThalerWebsite editor
Davide Fauri
Jeroen Redegeld
STOMurtuza AbidiniTreasurer
Alessandro GaravagliaChair
STIanislav Mintchev
ASDDavide Occello

* Clicking the name of a member opens a link to their employee-page with contact details.

Former PhD Council members

A&VQuirijn Bouts2015-2016
Arthur van GoethemCommunications2014-2015
CASAPranav Madhikar2015-2017
Sarah GaafChair2015-2016
DMJorn van der PolSecretary2014-2016
ISSander Leemans2015-2016
MSDESander de PutterWebsite2015-2016
Ana SutiiCouncils


Ulyana Tikhonova2014-2016
Alok Lele2014-2016
PdENGTarun Gupta2014-2015
SENSSerena Peruzzo2016-2016
Amir Soltainezhad2014-2014
STOBritt Mathijsen Treasurer, Secretary2014-2016
Bart PostWebsite2014-2015
Jaron SandersChair2014-2015
Serban Badila2014-2015