Below is an overview of all events organized by the PhD Council in the academic year 2014-2015.

Major events
Poster Design Workshop26-11-2014The aim of the workshop is to learn skills in order to improve technical poster presentations. We invited an external, professional designer and Prof. Jack van Wijk from the TU/e (visualization group) to give two separate talks at the workshop. The event was followed by a borrel and small sinterkaas celebration, aimed at presenting a bit of Dutch culture to international students.

A major event is aimed at enhancing professional skills of PhD through invited talks and hands-on workshops. Experts from outside as well as within the university are invited to advise and guide students to enhance their skills on a particular technical or professional topic. The professional part of the event is followed by some social activity and a borrel or dinner. A major event is organized as a half-day event starting generally in the afternoon on a weekday. The brief description of the major events we organized are provided above.


Lunch Events
The essence of PhD life09-09-2014Informing PhDs about the events planned for the upcoming year and obtaining general feedback on what are pressing issues for the PhD community.
Board on tour14-11-2014

Introducing the department board (Dean, Vice-Deans, Managing Director, etc.) to the PhDs. Key features of the interaction:


  • Who are the board and what do they do?
  • What are the current developments in the department and how do they affect you as PhD-student?
  • Will there be a higher load on supervisors and how does this affect your supervision?
Board on tour - II01-05-2015The second lunch with the board was an interactive session. A set of statements were presented to the students and the board members and they had to choose whether they agreed or disagreed with them. After making their choice for each statement a brief discussion was held over the result of this snap-poll to gain further insight.


A lunch event takes place on a weekday during the lunch time, usually from 12.00h to 13.00h. A lunch event can have various themes; including providing updates on recent changes and/or ongoing discussions in the department relevant to the PhD community, meeting with department board, introduction to other ancillary facilities within the department and the university, and talks with personnel from the industry. Above a short summary of the lunches is provided.


Minor Events
Board Game Night27-05-2014Board games are known to be popular among PhDs: a few groups within the department have already organized board games evenings. As the event is scheduled after work hours, we have motivated participation of PhDs by providing free dinner (pizza) and drinks.
Pub Quiz & International Dinner16-10-2014A pot-luck style event where participants bring home-cooked meals originating from their home countries. The dinner was followed by a Pub Quiz.
Movie Night19-05-2015We organized a little get-together to watch a movie together along with pizza and drinks.
Powerpoint Karaoke09-04-2015A presenter selects a to him/her unknown presentation. The presenter gives an instantly improvised presentation about the topic. He/she is as puzzled as the audience about the next slide.
General Assembly27-05-2015An overview of the proceedings of the PhD council till date was presented to a general audience of PhD student of M&CS. Complaints, feedback and suggestions for future activities were discussed. Students were also invited to be part of the council for the coming year.
Table foosball tournament25-06-2015Teams will battle at the employee social drink to determine who can call themselves the department table foosball champions for a year.
Summer barbecue31-07-2015To conclude the academic year all PhD students are invited to enjoy a beer and some grilled meat just before the summer holidays.

A minor event is generally a more socially themed event, aimed at bringing the PhD community together in a casual environment. A minor event is generally organized after work hours. Generally a fun activity is chosen that can facilitate meeting and socializing with new people. We also encourage non-council members to volunteer to organize an event they may be particularly interested in. A brief description per event is provided in the table above.