2016-11-11 - Social Event - Wine Tasting

In this "gezellige" social event, 17 PhDs honed their taste buds in art of wine tasting.

In a warm, cozy atmosphere, we learned how to taste and distinguish a broad variety of different wines. We also got interesting background information on the properties of the different wines, vintages and process of wine making.






2016-10-18 - Lunch Lecture - Starting Your Own Business

In this lunch lecture about "Starting Your Own Business", we welcomed two speakers: Sandro Etalle and Harold Weffers.  More than 35 PhDs joined to listen to their talks. 

Sandro Etalle shared with us his own exciting story of starting a business and provided us with valuable information about how to start from an idea to a business,  which pitfalls are common and how to avoid them.

Harold Weffers presented us with which services TU/e provides for entrepeneurs and how the university can help us starting our own company.

We thank both speakers for their valuable and insightful talks.







2016-09-10 Social Event - PhD/PDEng Paintball Tournament

In this first PhD/PdEng social event of the academic year 2016/17, 18 PhDs and PDEngs demonstrated that they are not only capable of conducting precise research, but also capable of firing precise shots.

For almost two strenuous hours we tried to capture the base of the opposing team. Eventually, all our efforts resulted in a draw. Our team captains were dressed as a giant beer bottle and a pink rabbit. But don't let the appearance of our captains fool you, the battles we fought were fierce the unrelenting.

After 2 action packed hours in the blazing sun we shared our stories over a delicious all-you-can-eat mongolian BBQ feast. The stories of this battle will long be told...