TU/e training programs

PROOF program

The TU/e offers ample opportunities for personal development with a series of courses that are part of the TU/e PROOF program (PROviding Opportunities For PhD students). The courses offered in the PROOF program have been developed for all PhD students at the TU/e.The design of the PROOF program takes into account the various phases of your PhD project.

In many cases the courses are given in interdepartmental groups, which means you also work with PhD students from other disciplines. This interaction gives you an insight into the work of other departments. And at the same time it will enable you to build up a personal network within the university.

TEACH program

The purpose of training courses from the TEACH training program is to help those starting out as well as experienced lecturers perform their teaching tasks as professionally as possible. These courses are specifically tailored to the educational approach of TU/e and offer lecturers a platform for exchanging experiences with each other.