Coaching of Startups at M&CS

Are you a student (BSc, MSc, PDEng or PhD) of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and you have plans to start an innovative company? We are happy to help!

- We understand the value of startups and we know all too well that starting an innovative “IT” company is challenging: issues like IPRs (code, patents), business models and access to capital have their own peculiar “IT”-specific rules.
- We want to stimulate and facilitate entrepreneurship. In particular, we want to stimulate the pre-incubation phase, and facilitate the steps after that.

What do we offer?
Coaching, spaces and help. We can try to facilitate embedding your startup efforts within the study program. We will do our best to help you shaping your own company.

Needless to say, we cooperate with the TU/e Innovation Lab

Who is doing this?
Sandro Etalle.  I co-started two companies when I was a student (just like you probably are), and after many wanderings during  which I incidentally obtained a PhD and became full professor at TU/e, I started the company SecurityMatters with 2 former PhD students of mine. As it happens in startups, we had to do everything ourselves: for instance I have been CEO of SecurityMatters for 4,5 years and CFO for some time.

If interested, consider joining the LinkedIn group "TU/e M&CS Entrepreneurial Community", This LinkedIn group is meant to be a virtual meeting point for all entrepreneurial M&CS students, employees and alumni, and is used for communications regarding the program and for sharing stories and useful information. Former TU/e M&CS alumni now entrepreneurs are welcome to join it (Participation to the group is basically restricted to students, alumni and employees of the Mathematics and Computer Science department of the TU/e).

Harold Weffers.  After attaining a PDEng degree from TU/e and working for the Royal Netherlands Navy and Philips for a while, I have been working at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science since 1998. In this context I have also been doing business development and supporting new ventures/start-ups.

Interested? Send us an email if you have serious plans, or join one of our meetings if you just want to hear what is going on, and what the plans are for the future. Our contact point is the secretary of the SEC group.

Next meeting: May 31st 2017. Click here for more information. 

Currently coached Startups:
- Bitsensor.
- PharmIT.

Startups related to Mathematics and Computer Science
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