Jaron Sanders and Evangelos Stamatopoulos winners at TU/e Academic Awards

We’re very proud to announce that yesterday, two of the TU/e Academic Awards have been awarded to nominees who were part of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. The honor goes to Jaron Sanders, winner of the PhD Thesis Award 2017, and Evangelos Stamatopoulos, winner of the PDEng Thesis Award 2017. We sincerely congratulate both winners!
Jaron Sanders
Jaron Sanders, currently employed as post-doc at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, is this year’s winner of the PHD Thesis Award. His thesis, titled “Stochastic Optimization of Large-Scale Complex Systems” was awarded with the cum laude judicium. The jury described his PhD thesis as “work with high impact in the fields of mathematics and physics (…) with relevance for applications ranging from the optimization of cell phone networks to the engineering of quantum systems for computing purposes.” They continue: “The combination of the interdisciplinary nature of the work, Jaron’s innovative approaches, thorough fundamental theory, and potential impact on society prompted the jury to select his thesis from a truly impressive array of nominations.”
For more information about the PhD thesis of Jaron Sanders, please read this abstract.
Evangelos Stamatopoulos
Evangelos Stamatopoulos, currently employed as Automotive Systems Engineer at Valeo Schalter und Sensoren GmbH, received the PDEng Thesis Award for his work titled “Environment Model, Creation and Advanced Driving Assistance Systems Architecture for Trucks”. With this work, Evangelos graduated from the PDEng Automotive Systems Design program, which is chaired by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. The jury was impressed by the quality of the design report.” It started with an interesting problem definition, followed by a fine problem analysis and description of the design methodologies.” Continued by: “This thesis has led to a well-described design, and a well-working test model.”
For more information about the PDEng thesis of Evangelos Stamatopoulos, please read this abstract.