NWO Vidi grant for Björn Baumeier

Dr. Björn Baumeier has received a Vidi grant of NWO (The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research), with a value of 800,000 euros. The research project he will start with this grant focuses on understanding the mechanisms underlying long-distance and spin-selective electronic transport in complex molecular systems. Baumeier, Assistant Professor of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, is one of seven TU/e researchers who were awarded a Vidi grant this year.

With the Vidi grant Baumeier wants to develop novel multiscale computer simulation techniques that will provide unprecedented insight into how electrons travel through helical molecular materials. Electron motion in these bio-inspired structures is linked to two emergent phenomena known as long distance electronic transport and chiral-induced spin selectivity. The aim of the project is to understand how they arise as a concerted effect of processes occurring on a wide range of length and time scales.

Such knowledge is crucial for exploiting these effects in many (future) technological applications in a variety of fields encompassing, e.g., bio-medical technology (molecular sensors), consumer market organic electronics (organic light-emitting diodes), or the renewable and sustainable energy technology (photocatalytic reactors in water splitting for hydrogen production).

NWO Vidi grant
This form of grant is targeted at excellent researchers who have completed their doctorates and already spent several years of conducting successful post-doctoral research, thereby demonstrating the ability to generate new ideas and bring them independently to fruition. A Vidi allows them to conduct research for five years. They will be given the opportunity to develop their own innovative lines of research and themselves to appoint one or more researchers to assist them in the task.