Calendar PhD Events 2016/2017

Date                      MonthEvent typeNotes
2016-10-18Oct.LunchStarting your own Business
2016-11-11Nov.SocialWine Tasting
2016-12-09Dec.SocialPhD/PDEng Christmas Party
2017-03-08Mar.SocialTrampoline Dodgeball
2017-04-11Apr.SocialEscape Room
2017-05-12 (tentative)


LunchCompany Lunch Lecture - Brightsight
2017-05-19MaySocialMovie Night
2017-05-24 (tentative)MayLunchCompany Lunch Lecture - Bosch
2017-06-12Jun.LunchGeneral Assembly + Lunch
2017-06-23Jun.LunchLunch lecture with the board
End of June 2017 (tentative)Jun.SocialSummer BBQ
TBASep.ProfessionalWorkshop (TBA)


Major events

A major event is aimed at enhancing professional skills of PhD through invited talks and hands-on workshops. Experts from outside as well as within the university are invited to advise and guide students to enhance their skills on a particular technical or professional topic. The professional part of the event is often followed by a social activity, a borrel, or dinner. A major event is organized as a half-day event starting generally in the afternoon on a weekday.

Lunch Events

A lunch event takes place on a weekday during the lunch time, usually from 12.00h to 13.00h. A lunch event can have various themes; including providing updates on recent changes and/or ongoing discussions in the department relevant to the PhD community, meeting with department board, introduction to other ancillary facilities within the department and the university, and talks with personnel from the industry. 

Social Events

A social is aimed at bringing the PhD community together in a casual environment. A social event is generally organized after work hours. Generally a fun activity is chosen that can facilitate meeting and socializing with new people. We also encourage non-council members to volunteer to organize an event they may be particularly interested in.

General Assembly

Once a year we hold a General Assembly. During this meeting we reflect on the previous year and look forward to the next year. Furthermore, the General Assembly facilitates an open discussion of matters concerning the PhD Community of Mathematics & Computer Science.