Web Engineering (WE)

The chair Web Engineering

The Web Engineering chair (WE) concentrates on two aspects of data access and management: (a) the management of semi-structured and semantically linked data, and (b) user modeling, personalization and adaptive information delivery.

The work on the management of semi-structured (and linked) data concentrates on representing and retrieving information, using semantically meaningful metadata. It ranges from the study of XML, RDF and XMLand RDF query languages (XPath, XQuery, OWL) to concrete strorage, indexing and retrieval technology to effectively and efficiently handle semi-structured data.

This work has practical applications in Web-Information Systems, where we concentrate on the aspects of navigation and adaptation.

The work on personalization and adaptation in information access and delivery concentrates on designing and implementing generic (models and technology for) adaptive information systems. This work has applications in e-culture, e-entertainment, e-learning and e-business.

Personalization is the only way in which humans can continue to use the ever increasing amount of information that is available on-line. Personalization and adaptation not only help the human information consumer but also the providers who can to more targeted information delivery.

Projects in the group can be internal, research-oriented projects, and industry-oriented projects, and are defined in depending on the student’s interest.

See the website for more information on the group and its projects.