Afgeronde promoties

Acetylene chemistry in remote plasmas : implications for the a-C:H growth mechanism

The primary aim of this thesis is to contribute to the knowledge of the plasma assisted growth mechanism of carbon based thin films. This is achieved by means of studying the plasma...

J. Benedikt (Faculteit Technische Natuurkunde)

Diffusion tensor imaging for the detection of hypoxic-ischemic injury in newborns

Carola van Pul (Faculteit Technische Natuurkunde)

Complexity and approximation in routing and scheduling

René Sitters (Faculteit Wiskunde & Informatica)

Unsteady flows with phase transition

Xi Luo (Faculteit Technische Natuurkunde)

Design and optimization of a magnetic gravity compensator

Sven Hol (Faculteit Electrical Engineering)

Modular phosphorus-based ligands in rhodium catalyzed hydroformylation & hydrogeneration

Gabriela Ionescu (Faculteit Scheikundige Technologie)

Op weg naar competentiegericht opleiden : een onderzoek naar innovatiediffusie bij de Fontys Lerarenopleiding Tilburg

(Faculteit Technische Natuurkunde)

All-optical buffering based on nonlinear optical processing with semiconductor optical amplifiers

Yong Liu (Faculteit Electrical Engineering)

Computational and experimental analysis of structure development in two-phase polymer systems

Bert Keestra (Faculteit Werktuigbouwkunde)

Displacement laser interferometry with sub-nanometer uncertainty

Development in industry is asking for improved resolution and higher accuracy in mechanical measurement. Together with miniaturization the demand for sub nanometer uncertainty on...

Suzanne Cosijns (Faculteit Werktuigbouwkunde)

Temperature dependent segregation behaviour of stepped surfaces

B. Moest (Faculteit Technische Natuurkunde)

Towards integrated AlGaN/GaN based X-band high-power amplifiers

B. Jacobs (Faculteit Electrical Engineering)

Design of a scalable parametric audio coder

F.P. Myburg ()

It's about time we align : meeting deadlines in project teams

Josette Gevers (Faculteit Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences)

Helices by hydrogen bonding : folding and stacking of chiral supramolecular scaffolds

Zelfassemblage van synthetische, organische structuren leidt tot nieuwe ontwikkelingen, zowel binnen het vakgebied van de biologie, als dat van de materiaalkunde. In principe maakt het...

Judith van Gorp (Faculteit Scheikundige Technologie)

Metallo-supramolecular architectures based on terpyridine metal complexes

Harald Hofmeier (Faculteit Scheikundige Technologie)

Recovery of work from exothermic chemical reaction systems by means of turbine expansion

(Faculteit Scheikundige Technologie)

Platinum catalyzed hydroformylation

Ruben van Duren (Faculteit Scheikundige Technologie)

Numerical tools for comfort analyses of automotive seating

(Faculteit Werktuigbouwkunde)