Agenda promoties

Transition metal chalcogenide based functional materials for renewable energy conversion

Improved performance of cheap catalysts for sustainable hydrogen generation

Longfei Wu (Faculteit Scheikundige Technologie)

Work or workout?

Designing interactive technology for workplace fitness promotion

Xipei Ren (Faculteit Industrial Design)

Modelling multi-pulse diesel injection with flamelet generated manifolds

Bersan Akkurt (Faculteit Werktuigbouwkunde)

Paralympic tandem cycling and hand cycling : computational and wind tunnel analysis of aerodynamic performance

Paul Mannion (Faculteit Bouwkunde)

Evaluating aetiological processes for monitoring and detection of deep tissue injury

Willeke Traa (Faculteit Biomedische Technologie)

Model analytics and management

Önder Babur (Faculteit Wiskunde & Informatica)

Automation for information security using machine learning

Stefan Thaler (Faculteit Wiskunde & Informatica)

Advanced EM study on catalyst formation processes

Hao Su (Faculteit Scheikundige Technologie)

Model development

reproducing properties of water

Yura Khalak (Faculteit Wiskunde & Informatica)

Decentralized congestion control for reliable vehicular communication

Chetan Belagal Math (Faculteit Electrical Engineering)

Process mining on databases

extracting event data from real life data sources

Eduardo Gonzalez Lopez de Murillas (Faculteit Wiskunde & Informatica)

Fluidized bed membrane reactors

a numerical investigation

Ramon Voncken (Faculteit Scheikundige Technologie)

Femtomagnetism meets spintronics and magnonics

Mark Lalieu (Faculteit Technische Natuurkunde)

Inventory control systems with commitment lead time

Taher Ahmadi (Faculteit Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences)

Process mining with streaming data

Bas van Zelst (Faculteit Wiskunde & Informatica)